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About Us

Agro Agency AGROS AAA

We operate on Ukraine insurance market since 2011 offering the whole range of insurance services to the legal entities and private individuals. Our agency is a reliable partner of a number of leading insurance companies.

Agro Agency AGROS AAA specialize on one of the most complicated lines of insurance – agro insurance. For Ukrainian agro producers we’ve developed various programs of crops insurance, which include insurance from single perils and from multiple perils.


AA AGROS work on Ukrainian insurance market since 2011


million UAH of payouts a month


satisfied clients


years of experience


Insurance with the help from AAA

AA AGROS assure several functions important to the client, as follows:

  • underwriting (evaluation of the tariff rate, resulting in premium to be paid for the cover)
  • pre insurance surveys of the crops to be insured by own specialists or with the participation of the own specialists as controllers
  • loss adjustment on the crops insured by own specialists or with the participation of the own specialists as controllers
  • normal broker’s work, i.e. evaluation of all parameters of the insurance contract protecting client’s interests: tailor-made insurance contract.

Insurance is our bread and we understand why it is better to work with this or that insurance company

Working with AA AGROS client will get better insurance terms than if he would work with the same insurance company directly.

AA AGROS has its own professional liability insurance against possible omissions, and is liable for them vis-à-vis its clients.

We are interested to keep clients for every year ahead, and we consider our clients as partners.

We are specialized on special lines of agro insurance, like fruits, berries, vegetables etc.

Usual “straight to insurer” way of insurance

Limited one-sided information from insurer (just ++)

For a client insurance is an occasional task so higher probability of errors from its side

Standard insurance contract

Loss adjustment settled by insurance company (and, normally, in the interests of insurance company)

In a case of a conflict an insured stays on its own, no allies or partners

Got questions?

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